Gripper/Lifting devices

The shown lifting device is designed to lift an electromotor. The assignment was to lift the product without destroying ore scratching the painted surface, it shut be fast and easy to use for the operator. When the gripper is placed on the electromotor the closing device is released automatically without any manual action from the operator, by lifting the gripper the part get locked by its one weight, when placing the part back on a surface the gripper un-cock and the part is released. It give a very fast and safe packing of parts form conveyor lines and to a Euro-pallet with frames. The device do not need extra packing space, the pallet can be filled without any required extra space.
The device was delivered with a DEMAG quick-change connection.

We design and produces a large range of special grippers and lifting devices.

All grippers is CE marked and certificated according to the rules for lifting devices.